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UAB Energosa is dedicated to a customer support throughout all steel industry sectors, including manufacturing of a wide range of machined components too. We offer a high quality sub-contract machining services at competitive prices, with deliveries matched to customer’s individual requirements and most flexible regional delivery terms.

In house welding facilities give the advantage of producing fully machined welded structures to be directly erected on site. Combined facilities provide fully machined welded parts, mechanical assembly, CNC Precision Component Machining using advanced both CNC and manual Machines, milling, turning, CNC pipe drilling – boring - honing process.


  • CNC Turning capacity up to 430mm dia. × 4500 mm length.
  • 2011 year installed 2 new Italian CNC lathes with large spindle and live tooling. Siemens SINUMERIK 840D SL automation system.  
  • Super-precision: 2011 year DMG Gildemeister CNC lathes for fine finishes and forms accuracy up to 230 mm x 1050 mm length.
  • Manual turning up to 840 mm dia. × 4900 mm length.

  • Milling

  • DMG DMU 5 Axis High Speed Mill Center - new capacity and capability installed in 2011 year.

    Deep Hole Drilling CNC Machines

  • The deep hole drilling-boring procedure is utilised in the diameter range from approx. 55 mm to 230 mm × max. 8400 mm length. Tooling - Sandvik or Botek. Automation system - Siemens.
  • Thermal scope of services apply to thermal processing for metals and composites. It offers heat treating services, including hardening, quenching and tempering. Length of the detail not exceeding 1550 mm.

    The paint shop facility is capable of painting various metals including aluminum, cast iron, machine parts and plastic.

    Temperature controlled calibration, dust free clean workshops, reliable mainly EU origin machines, a multi-skilled and flexible workforce assure a short run small or large batch parts delivery on particular project needs. Extensive project management, design for manufacture, prototyping and cost reduction capabilities is vitally important to find always mutually acceptable solutions.

    Continual improvement of measured processes allows to deliver outstanding reliability when final products are dispatched.


    Mechanical machining

    CNC precision component machining

    Kaunas, Lithuania: 2011 – today

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