Production workshop is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The area of workshop is ~ 8000 m2. Production capacity is up to 400 tones per month.

Having powerful and high-standard equipment, we are able to produce not only standard steel structures but also non-standard (heavy – weight and/or oversized) steel constructions.

Main production process operations:

Bandsaw, face, gas and plasma cutting

  • Bandsaws PILOUS. Used to cut various steel profiles. Bandsaws allow cutting billets in angles (angles range between 90˚ and 30˚). Dimensions of billets according to this type of saws may be up to 400mm × 400mm.
  • Bandsaw BERINGER. Profile dimensions are up to: 600mm x 400mm.
  • Bandsaw BOMAR. Profile dimensions are up to: 440mm x 440mm (cuts billets in angles from 90˚ to 30˚).
  • Face cutting machines GERIMA and PROMOTECH. The cutting face size is between 1mm and 32mm. These machines are used to cut faces for sheet steel, circular, square and rectangular tubes.
  • CNC Gas Cutting equipment for steel plate materials: 3pcs. of KORSARAS machines cuts from 4mm up to 100mm thickness, width – 2500mm, length -12000mm.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting equipment for steel plate materials: TOPAZ cutting machine cuts up to 16mm thickness plates, width – 2500mm, length – 6000mm.


  • Armature cutting and folding machine STEMA (armature Ø6mm - Ø12mm).
  • Hydraulic folding machine for sheet steel (thickness 6mm, length up to 4000mm).


  • Armature trimming machine. It trims armature between Ø8mm - Ø32mm.
  • Sheet steel trimming machine DURMA. The thickness trimmed is between 0.5mm and 12mm, length up to 3000mm.
  • Corner trimming press GEKA. It is a multifunctional mechanism used for trimming corners, holes and cutting edges.

Holes boring

  • Perforating press PEDDINGHAUS with a copying device. This mechanism perforates sheets from 3mm to 30mm thickness.
  • 2 pcs. of magnetic column for hole boring KBM 32Q. Holes are bored in all shape of profiles.
  • 12 pcs. of portable magnetic drills, holes up to Ø50mm.

Welding - GMAW-MIG/MAG and TIG welding

  • Semi-automatic welding machines such as KEMPPI, LINCOLN, MIGATRONIC, EWM are used in production of welded steel structures.
  • ESAB self-propelled tractor for welding under the flux layer.


  • Lifting cranes of 3t., 5t., 10t. and 16t. are used in the production process. All of them are ground-controlled using remote controls.


  • 2pcs. of fully automatic GTV shot-blasting lines.
  • Manually operated blasting chamber for cleaning of non-standard steel structures.
  • Steel surface preparation up to SA-2,5 or SA-3 according to ISO 8501-1.


  • An airless painting mechanism GRACO is used in the dye-house. This mechanism is program-controlled.
  • The dye-house is equipped with the ventilation system that helps to maintain air circulation and filtering. This conditioning system helps to maintain clean air and non-explosive environment in the dye-house. The dye-house is heated (even temperature and relative humidity is maintained).
  • We provide not only anti-corrosive but also fire protective coating.


The workshop of steel structures operates according integrated production control system.

  • Production control system has been certified by the certification company „Inspecta“.
  • Welders are certified in accordance with EN 287-1.
  • Steel structures are carried out in accordance with technical requirements of EN 1090-2.
  • Produced steel structures are marked with CE Mark. 


Bjørvika bridge

A pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks at central station in Oslo. It connects Grønland and Bjørvika districts

Oslo, Norway: 2009

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